Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017

Orcs XXI

Uruk-hai mix. Some Mirliton half-orcs with new wire spears, one with a GW uruk head. They are a bit more chunky than the GW uruks.

Freitag, 12. Mai 2017

The Notschlange

Foundry crew and gun (except for the piggy thief, thats a Pro Gloria mini)

The Notschlange, a heavy siege gun of about 2,5 tons. I think they were using iron cannon balls already from the early 16th c. However I painted them as stone cannon balls to suit the stone mason figure.

I got the idea for this piece from an engraving by Erhard Schön:


Ich bin genant die Notschlang
Wo ich in ein Schlachtordnung gang
Mach ich ein Gass durch die Gelyder
Als ob sie schlug der Dunner nyder
Das davon springen Köpf un Hende
Wen ich anpfeyff der hat ein Ende
Un wird tödlich von mir geheckt
Kein Ringkragen vor mir nicht kleckt.

Freitag, 28. April 2017

Spear Samurai

Perry figures. The two others (experts among you will know that the Perry minis normally come in packs of 6 ;-)) are spared for a honjin project.

Sonntag, 16. April 2017

Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

Orcs XX

Whip it! Whip it good! The Balrog - done in a most basic paintjob. The skin is airbrushed Nato Black, no highlighting at all. The underside plus the wings are done in a mix of Tan / Nato Black with a shade of orange. The flames are airbrushed as well. The only parts treated with a paintbrush are its face and the red fiery veins on the back.

This is in fact the metal Balrog, I paid a heavy price for him on ebay. The funny thing happened two weeks after the acquisition - I came across the Battle at Khazad Dum set for a very, very small price - now I have two Balrogs :-(

Dienstag, 11. April 2017

Samstag, 8. April 2017

Burgundian Horsemen

Finito. Looking at the last pic I just noticed that I forgot to sculpt the back of the saddle for the converted plastic knight...well next time.

Freitag, 7. April 2017

Pantheon of Chaos - Kickstarter

Beeing a fan of old school fantasy minis, esp. everything from the Realms of Chaos, i could not restrain myself from pledging on the Pantheon of Chaos kickstarter campaign:

Pantheon of Chaos

Now, these beautiful figures have been delivered yesterday. As you can see, I went only for a few of the available minis, mostly for the Chaos Champions. Very characterful sculpts.

Some of those are available here:

Note the size difference between the Champions and the Troopers/Warriors.

and your obligatory comparison photo - from left to right: PoC, GW, PoC, GW, PoC

Donnerstag, 30. März 2017

Samurai Drum - An experiment in painting lacquered armour

Coming from a WWII painting background I am used to varnish all my figures / models as matt as possible. With regard to samurai armour I was always a bit unsatisfied with the result, it just didnt appear lacquered anymore after the matt varnish treatment, the shine was missing. So I thought about the possible ways and came up with the following three ways:

1. Painting the lacquer effect
Definitely the most difficult method, applying NMM techniques and actually painting all the light reflexes a lacquered armour may have. Most time consuming process and the worst: One small mistake may ruin the whole painting. So I decided that this is not my favourite method :-)

2. Using gloss varnish
Quite simply its about varnishing only the armour parts with gloss varnish whereas all other parts (clothing, skin etc.) remains matt. You achieve quite a contrast - but does it look real? Not sure yet, looks a bit too "wet" for me. I used that method on the 2 guys in black armour.

2. Using gloss medium for the edges
Thats basically the way I paint armour in general, using metal paints on matt varnished metals to get the look of metal reflections. Just a bit modified: Mixing the armour highlight colour with Vallejo gloss medium and applying it on the raised surfaces like edges after having applied a coat of matt varnish before. I used that method on the guy in brown armour.

Pls. let me know what do you think which painting style fits samurai armour best - maybe you know a different way?

Freitag, 24. März 2017

Halo Ground Command - Covenant Forces II

Hunters, this time on Spartan bases. I used Scale Color metallics for the first time, they have some nice old school coloured metal paints in their alchemy range, like this emerald green silver.