Sonntag, 26. Juli 2020

Samurai Vignette - Part 2

The mounted Perry daimyo looks fierce with a Steelfist head whereas the Perry samurai proudly shows his Steelfist helmet crest ;-)

Freitag, 17. Juli 2020

Samstag, 11. Juli 2020

The Road to Tobruk - Part 1

Using Perry Afrika Korps minis again - for a small vignette. They are among the smallest "28mm" scale figs ever :-) very close to 20mm in fact.

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2020

Hussite Wars 15

A little vignette of  Hynek Kruschina of Lichtenburg, a Bohemian nobleman and leader of the Hussite cause who later submitted to King Sigismund - feat. Perry miniatures and a Kingmaker barded horse.