Sonntag, 29. Oktober 2023

Instagram and Ebay sale

Some may have noticed - since last year i changed to display my lastest paintjobs on instagram instead of posting updates here. Instagram is a lot easier to handle with regard to images and allows to connect easier to other hobbyists. If you are on instagram, please feel free to follow/contact me here Timetopainttoysoldiers

Besides, i have some older Perry late medieval minis up for sale on ebay. If you are interested please check out:

Jeanne d'Arc


Samstag, 24. September 2022

Sonntag, 31. Juli 2022

Early Crusaders

My first Victrix minis - dont know why i overlooked them so thorougly all these years ;-) really nice minis and very easy to paint. These are from their Norman cavalry plastic box painted as early crusaders.