Samstag, 25. Juni 2016

AWI Hessian Jaeger

Perry figs. Green colour is maybe too bright - what do you think?

Edit: A smartphone shot from the cabinet showing my small AWI force :-) You see what a difference proper photo and lighting can make.

Freitag, 17. Juni 2016

Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

Fallen Frontiers - A Short Miniature Review

Back in 2014 (yes, 2014) I decided to back a certain Kickstarter campaign by Scale75. Now, its nearly summer 2016 - Euro is about to start - and look what was in the mail recently!

During the campaign I went for the very basic pledge, so dont expect any special add-ons, terrain and so on. I will just give you a short review of the basic Ares and Riff miniatures included in the box. I wont comment on the other contents or the rules either - I will look into these by time.

Thats whats inside the box:

Lots of minis (really lots!)

Cardbord stuff

Rules and cards

It appears at first glance that the content is complete but I will check later in detail. Now for the most interesting part - the minis :-)

The Good:

In general, the minis are really, really nice. The details are crisp, the poses are dynamic and the inevitable mould lines and flash are barely there. The minis are multi-part but the assembly is very easy. The fitting is good with rectangular splints/holes so you cant really do anything wrong. All minis come with round bases.

But look for yourself (just examples of a few of the minis included):

The minis are on the large side but thats something I knew before so I dont have any problems with their size ;-) A comparison shot with a bit demolished GW Chaos Marine and an Infinity Morat.

An example of a minor mistake/hole on an arm/hand of Silas Fenn - this is actually the only figure affected I discovered so far. As you can see, its nothing that cant be fixed. Again, the details on Fenn are just amazing.

The Bad

There is no light without shadow ;-) The issue I encountered so far with the minis is their material - it is fragile - really fragile. Scale75 is a known manufacturer of nice scale figures for display purposes. Their large scale pieces rest safely in the cabinet - so there is no need for a sturdy material. But those Fallen Frontiers minis are meant for gaming so they should be a bit more resistant. I broke already two figures weapons/arms - they just snapped off. One during assembly, the other one took a jump from the table onto the floor. Nothing that cant be fixed with superglue but it shouldnt have happened imo.

The Ugly

During the campaign I just went for one add-on: The alternative Fink Dradd. While there is nothing wrong with the figure per se (ok, it differs from the artwork - but hey, thats artistic freedom!) there is a major scale problem - comparing it with the original Fink the alternative figure looks like a teenage version! I dont know whether this is an issue with all add-ons since I ordered only this one.

So, thats all for the moment. Expect some painted Fallen Frontiers minis in 2017 :-)

Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

Infinity - Nomad Mobile Brigada

I am not into the game but I always wanted to paint some of those beautiful looking miniatures. You can certainly argue about the Anime style but considering the crispness of the sculpting those miniatures are definitely among the best 28mm metals around today - at least from my point of view. I tried a bit more highlighting than usually, going into the whites for the prominent edges.

The decals are 20mm German tank numbers. Btw, I have to check my colour settings for the camera - the original is much more orange than red :-(