Samstag, 29. August 2015

Steelfist Daimyo

Its Mori Hidemoto, a veteran of Toyotomi Hideyoshis Korean campaign and a somewhat unfortunate daimyo at the battle of Sekigahara, wearing his famous peacock kabuto. Very detailed figure, not so easy to paint 28mm peacock feathers :-)

Mittwoch, 26. August 2015

Samstag, 22. August 2015

A Hard Contest

Finished, added some grass tufts and the gun. The GMB flag turned out nice. As I am not really into nappies I am putting this on ebay for sale. So if you are interested  - pls. feel free to make a bid on ebay:

Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Capture the Cuckoo WIP 3

Finally the centerpiece, took me some time. Looking forward to get the rest done at the weekend...

Samstag, 15. August 2015

Dienstag, 4. August 2015

20mm Kharkov Grenadiers

TQD winter Germans from their Kharkov range, 20mm scale. Very nice figures that match 1/72 Italeri figures perfectly.