Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Lobotomy Kickstarter Delivery

Just a quick unboxing and showing of the minis...
If you want to learn more about the board game - please look here LOBOTOMY
The big box with some of its contents (minis, double sided tiles, cards, dice, markers, manual, scenic items etc.)

and some of the (plenty) plastic minis - villains first in light grey. On the photos you can see only one of each - of some henchmen/-women there are up to 12 copies included.  

and the characters in a brownish colour

I have to say I like the figures. The quality looks alright at first glance: not too much details but a good gaming standard, should be easy to paint. As you can see yourself there are lots of horror movie references. I pledged for the core box + 1 add on ("Nicolas Jackson").

Comparison shot with an elderly GW empire great sword fighter.

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

WIP: Lion Rampant III

Claymore Castings pavisiers minus their pavises (yet)...

and a comparison photo - from left to right: GW, CC, GW Plastic, CC. Size is about the same but the proportions of Claymore are a bit less "heroical".