Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Darkhammer Undead Samurai - Review

Normally I am not a fan of critical reviews - you rather have to appreciate the creative effort someone puts into the hobby. However, this time my hopes were so high and the disappointment so severe that I decided to put this one up.

When I heard about that company Darkhammer and saw the pics on the net I was hooked: An Undead Samurai - wow! And when I noticed they did one in 28mm scale I ordered one immediately.

After several weeks of waiting - a small package arrived from Hong Kong. I opened it and my high hopes were shattered. Inside was a tiny figure - nowhere near 28mm scale. As you can see on the comparison pic with a Perry horse (Perry horses are not among the big 28mm horses!), the undead horse looks rather like 20mm scale.
The scale issue becomes even more apparent by comparing the undead head and torso with a Perry Samurai (again: Perry are not among the big 28mm figures!). The Darkhammer samurai looks rather like 15mm !!!
Selling this as 28mm scale figure for USD 19.99 is just ridicoulous. Dont know if I return it to China, probably not worth the hassle. But consider this before buying one yourself. Darkhammer offers the undead samurai in 54mm scale for USD 45.99 also - maybe the 54mm figure comes near 28mm :-)

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