Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Siege of Neuss - Part 2

The Burgundian army arrived at the gates of Neuss in July 1474. Before engaging into costly siege operations, Charles sent his heralds to town to demand surrender. In the words of the chronicler Christian Wierstrait the herald asked:
"Yr Burger uch sy allen kundt,
der Printz gesynt van uch zur Stundt,
as myr bevoil syns selues Mundt,
dat yr yn laist herynnen."
However, the Neussers didnt want to let the prince (duke) in so easily and the mayor of Neuss replied equally polite:
"Herr Herald uch sy vry bekant,
wyr stayn an Paes ind Kaysers Hant."

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  1. What a nice bunch! Excellent paintjobs, mate!
    Are they based with a particular ruleset in mind? Perhaps you could get in touch with the Frankfurter Spieltrieb, some Late Medieval fans there.

    Cheers, SG