Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Siege of Neuss - Part VI

Though the Burgundian ring around the town was closed in August 1474 after the capture of the two Rhine isles, the siege did not show any significant results yet. So Charles decided to launch a major attack towards the Obergate and the Rhinegate on 10th September. After days of heavy bombardment the Burgundians stormed the gates for five hours. Summoning all their strength the Neussers managed to hold the gates, the Rhinetor was heavily damaged in the process. The defenders could not imagine at that time that 56 more Burgundian attacks should follow in the next months until the final relief of the town.In the chronicles the commitment of the Neusser women and children is stressed repeatedly who not only helped to repair the damaged defenses and walls.but also armed the fighting men, carrying rocks, pitch, burning chalk etc.


  1. I love the little snippets of information on the Siege of Neuss, it's fascinating. Is there any book that gives a day to day account of the siege? I have read Vaughans book on Charles the Bold and the Lance and Longbow one on the Burgundians, are the other sources all in German?

    1. Thanks! The books I have are all in German, unfortunately. The chronicle by the witness Christianus Wierstraat tells the story of the siege in detail but i never saw it translated. There might be short episodes about the siege in general works about the Burgundian wars or Charles the Bold.

  2. Like Oli, I find the accounts of the siege very interesting and your figure painting is inspiring!
    Great work - look forward to more.

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