Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Siege of Neuss - Part XIV

With the release of the foot knights looming on the horizon, the Perry Bros. put me under certain time pressure to finish the remaining unpainted Neuss figures before the massive plastic onslaught begins.

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  1. Wonderful figures - like the man drawing the arrow - I'm sure that you have found variations of poses that Michael didn't realise were possible when the greens were designed.

    1. Thank you, Simon! I am already saving my money for the big conversion fest: foot knights, bows&bills, mercenaries and mounted MAA - 4 boxes of plastics! Cheers Stefan

  2. Really a great group of figures! I love this project of yours and always drool when you post new stuff from it. These are certainly worth salivating over as well.. I am also impressed when I see a figure configuration that I have not yet come up with as well, and I am also trying to find the funds for a 4 box conversion fest of my own.. with a few sets of heads thrown in there for extra fun.. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. gosh...these figures you have here look awesome! lovely colours and painting...

  4. Always outstanding . Choice of colours and shade and highlights always wonderfully done...