Sonntag, 12. April 2015

Siege of Neuss - Part XVIII

Some men from Cologne, rushing to support their besieged neighbours. Actually, the city of Cologne did not rush anything in confronting the mighty Duke directly. Only under the double threat of the Emperor (Frederick threatened to recall Colognes priviliges as a free imperial city if they dont send men) and of the Neussers (Landgraf Hermann threatened to take up negotiations with the Burgundians on terms of surrender because the situation was so dire), the city of Cologne send about 4000 men and some artillery (citizens and mercenaries). The men took up position on the eastern bank of the Rhine. Being on the opposite shore as Charles, they did not confront the Burgundian host directly (for that feat they would have been too few anyway) but they did prevent the Burgundians from sending foraging parties deep into the countryside.