Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

Fallen Frontiers - A Short Miniature Review

Back in 2014 (yes, 2014) I decided to back a certain Kickstarter campaign by Scale75. Now, its nearly summer 2016 - Euro is about to start - and look what was in the mail recently!

During the campaign I went for the very basic pledge, so dont expect any special add-ons, terrain and so on. I will just give you a short review of the basic Ares and Riff miniatures included in the box. I wont comment on the other contents or the rules either - I will look into these by time.

Thats whats inside the box:

Lots of minis (really lots!)

Cardbord stuff

Rules and cards

It appears at first glance that the content is complete but I will check later in detail. Now for the most interesting part - the minis :-)

The Good:

In general, the minis are really, really nice. The details are crisp, the poses are dynamic and the inevitable mould lines and flash are barely there. The minis are multi-part but the assembly is very easy. The fitting is good with rectangular splints/holes so you cant really do anything wrong. All minis come with round bases.

But look for yourself (just examples of a few of the minis included):

The minis are on the large side but thats something I knew before so I dont have any problems with their size ;-) A comparison shot with a bit demolished GW Chaos Marine and an Infinity Morat.

An example of a minor mistake/hole on an arm/hand of Silas Fenn - this is actually the only figure affected I discovered so far. As you can see, its nothing that cant be fixed. Again, the details on Fenn are just amazing.

The Bad

There is no light without shadow ;-) The issue I encountered so far with the minis is their material - it is fragile - really fragile. Scale75 is a known manufacturer of nice scale figures for display purposes. Their large scale pieces rest safely in the cabinet - so there is no need for a sturdy material. But those Fallen Frontiers minis are meant for gaming so they should be a bit more resistant. I broke already two figures weapons/arms - they just snapped off. One during assembly, the other one took a jump from the table onto the floor. Nothing that cant be fixed with superglue but it shouldnt have happened imo.

The Ugly

During the campaign I just went for one add-on: The alternative Fink Dradd. While there is nothing wrong with the figure per se (ok, it differs from the artwork - but hey, thats artistic freedom!) there is a major scale problem - comparing it with the original Fink the alternative figure looks like a teenage version! I dont know whether this is an issue with all add-ons since I ordered only this one.

So, thats all for the moment. Expect some painted Fallen Frontiers minis in 2017 :-)


  1. The miniatures look great. What kind of game is it?

    1. Scifi skirmish game, see here: