Freitag, 7. April 2017

Pantheon of Chaos - Kickstarter

Beeing a fan of old school fantasy minis, esp. everything from the Realms of Chaos, i could not restrain myself from pledging on the Pantheon of Chaos kickstarter campaign:

Pantheon of Chaos

Now, these beautiful figures have been delivered yesterday. As you can see, I went only for a few of the available minis, mostly for the Chaos Champions. Very characterful sculpts.

Some of those are available here:

Note the size difference between the Champions and the Troopers/Warriors.

and your obligatory comparison photo - from left to right: PoC, GW, PoC, GW, PoC


  1. Wow. Like a blast from the past. Great miniatures. /Mattias

  2. Hey Hello! Diego here (Pantheon creator) Didn't knew you purchased some of them , I've been following your blog for years man! Love those Tzeentch guys you did!
    I can wait to see some of my childs painted up by you :)


    BTW , Pantheon 2nd chapter coming to Kickstarter this June!

    1. Thanks Diego! Great figures, going to paint some more soon!