Freitag, 12. Mai 2017

The Notschlange

Foundry crew and gun (except for the piggy thief, thats a Pro Gloria mini)

The Notschlange, a heavy siege gun of about 2,5 tons. I think they were using iron cannon balls already from the early 16th c. However I painted them as stone cannon balls to suit the stone mason figure.

I got the idea for this piece from an engraving by Erhard Schön:


Ich bin genant die Notschlang
Wo ich in ein Schlachtordnung gang
Mach ich ein Gass durch die Gelyder
Als ob sie schlug der Dunner nyder
Das davon springen Köpf un Hende
Wen ich anpfeyff der hat ein Ende
Un wird tödlich von mir geheckt
Kein Ringkragen vor mir nicht kleckt.

17 Kommentare:

  1. Most impressive job, absolutly superb!

  2. Brilliant painting and base composition! I love it!

  3. Really cool! I like the drinking and eating characters!

    1. Thanks, the guy with the piglet is really a character. Its a pity that Pro Gloria sold their business to Warlordgames, still waiting for their plastic landsknechts...

  4. Top class all round, love the Landsknecht characters and how you have positioned them around the cannon. A master piece!

    1. Thank you, Chris. I think about trying 15mm Landsknechts - is there any company you can recommend?

    2. Mine were mostly old glory, good figures,and come with there own steel wire pikes, but i have heard the Venexia range may be brought back to production by Sgt Major miniatures, which were the best figures for the Italian wars!

  5. Beautiful painted figures, really nice base and perfect composition.

  6. Hello,

    Superb paintjob and scene !!!