Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017

WIP: More Swiss

Experimenting a bit with Simons Swiss castings of Steelfist origin (Simon, Oliver - I hope you dont mind me posting the link here - Swiss Castings)

As you can see the  Steelfist Swiss match the Perry late medieval figures very well. In the first picture you see a Perry WOTR metal knight with a Swiss head, a Swiss figure with a Perry plastic head and a Swiss figure "out of the box". The halberds are esp. nice and come gladly a bit longer than the short Perry polearms.

The second picture shows two Perry plastic figures with Steelfist Swiss arms attached. The arms have small splints and can easily be attached to the plastic bodies using a small drill and some superglue.

All in all a very good set and I am certainly hoping for more Perry late medieval "mods"! ;-)

3 Kommentare:

  1. Stefan - they are looking good and you've found some combinations with the arms that I've not done myself (yet!). Glad they're useful.

    1. They are indeed! I guess you should to talk to Oliver to bring out some more head and arms set, or weapons set - i could imagine there is a market for those kind of add-ons.

    2. You never know, we may well have had a conversation very similar to that!