Sonntag, 22. November 2020

Heroes of Talabheim - Part 1

 Had to take a little break from the Bretonnians :-) I will try to give the Talabheim chaps a darker armour than usual by using multiple coats of blackwash. What do you think?

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  1. I think it looks very good indeed. I like that style of painting armour: it looks darker but you keep the details. I particularly like the slightly greasy look of the sword towards the hilt.

  2. Love it! Do you mind sharing the receipe for the red tones? (might steal it for my next regiment)

    1. Thank you! I started with a darker mix of red than usual: This is GW Wazdakka red mixed with Andrea 1st shadow red as base colour.

    2. Thanks! What about the highlights? Andrea red paint set too?

  3. Hey! i arrived here by searching landsknecht figures, and saw the 2017 post when you bought warlord plastic kit of them.

    i dont know if you do colelct 3d printed models, but this month in my patreon i am doing imperial/holy roman empire troops.

    In my patreon i do a mix of historical and fantasy to make peculiar fantasy factions, all around 15-16th centuries, and in that range, we find the typical imperial humans (i did french dwarfs, turko-mongolian "dark"elfs and more)

    This is the first unit i made: arquebusiers, and i am doing landsknecht xbwos now, and then the 2 handed guys will come!

    Good about 3d printing is taht you can resize the models.

    For examplo my models are really close in height, to true scale (for example would be copatible with warlord) but if you scale at 115%, they are perfect for warhammer !

    In june i did troop for another human empire.. thespanish! since they were allied in those times (16th century)

    if you find soem models atractive, let me know and i can have some printed and ship to you for painting if you would like :)

    In this video, a supporter in the patreon made a review of the june releases (2020), the spanish troops but also showed the dwarfs and west african orcs:

    Salutes! Erramir.