Dienstag, 3. Januar 2017

Mounted Renaissance Knights Kickstarter

Just to show you what the postman delivered yesterday - Knights from Steelfist Miniatures from their recent Renaissance Knights Kickstarter campaign. Beautiful figures simply, they come with loads of different heads and plumes options. The lances and hands are casted separately as well - that allows you to use the Perry plastic weapons hands from their late medieval sprues (check out the photos below - I put a Perry sword and a mace to good use).

The Steelfist knights are about the same size as Foundry and Perry knights, the Steelfist horses are slightly larger than the Perry and Foundry horses.

 Left to right: Foundry Knight on Perry horse, Steefist Knight  plus horse, Foundry knight plus horse
Left to right: Steelfist, Perry, Foundry.


  1. Antworten
    1. Yes, they do. Actually, there are not too many 28mm gendarmes out there apart from Foundry, Old Glory and Essex, so there is room for more ;-)

  2. I have these too - very impressive sculpts - if a little daunting to do them justice with the painting!

    1. Yes, esp. considering the horse armours/caparisons with their elaborate designs ...